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2 responses to “Contact

  1. Just thought I would leave a little info for you. I just found your site today, and I am really impressed with some of the things that you have been doing. I will definitely have to snatch up a few of your ideas. One thing I wanted to let you know though, your comments on the craigslist ads…. The one about the pearl guinea is actually a guinea fowl, not a guinea pig. “Tastes like chicken”. The Texan is letting everyone know that they are old enough to start laying eggs. *smiles* I figured I would pass on my little knowledge, since you so kindly pass on yours with this site. Thank you. Sarah

    • DO or DIY

      *sigh, us city folk… we are so clueless! Thanks for the heads up, Sarah. We’ve gotten so many responses about that! We had no idea guineas were chicken! How funny! Thanks for stopping by and filling us in!


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