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Teal of a Deal


When life gives you a free table, you pick a wild color to paint it because, well, why not?  But let me start at the beginning.

This guy was posted online for free so we quickly snatched him up even though we had no idea where to put him.  Yes, he had been through some tough love over the years but I saw past the battle scars and knew an exciting second life was in store for him.

Table_Before2   Table_Before1

The table had great lines and would be the perfect candidate to experiment with a new spray paint color.  So, what color did we decide to go with?  Drum roll please…


More, specifically, Krylon’s Catalina Mist found at Michael’s.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go teal or mint green and this color was a perfect combination of the two.


I breeze through the steps to spray painting furniture below but if you want a more detailed step-by-step, see our furniture painting guide here.

First, I sanded the table down a little.  The top had a few water stains and marks that I wanted to even out.  Then I put the staff to work… err… asked the hubby for his “painting expertise.”

Next, a little prime action.


It doesn’t need to be a solid coat- just enough to cover the wood to help the final paint color adhere better.


Then, on with the light teal!  Here you can see the table after the first coat.  We ultimately sprayed two coats.


Next, a little distressing to accentuate the lines and detailed legs and add some character.  Catalina Mist is my new favorite teal color!  It’s the perfect medium teal tone- not too light or dark.  I love the mint colored furniture trend but always worry it will make the piece look more fit for a nursery than for our baby-free house so this was a great compromise.


Here’s my question? Exactly how many shades of teal are there? Julie made me go to a craft store (it should be a felony to drag your husband to those black holes of boredom and useless, low-quality junk) to pick it out because apparently Home Depot’s selection just wasn’t fru-fru enough, and all I can say is at least she wasn’t trying to pick a fabric for a pillow or something.

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