House Tour

Front Yard – coming soon

Back Yard – coming soon



After (read about the transformation here and about the light here):

Living Room

A before shot of the living room from when we initially viewed the property.

And here’s a partial view of the aftermath of the obliteration of raw wood paneling (more details on that adventure can be found here):

Here’s a before shot of our fireplace (after being painted but before the new mantel was built):

And after our beautiful white mantel was done:

Want to know how to build a mantel?  Check out our DIY guide here.

For more info on these graphic chairs, click here and here.

Dining Room

DO or DIY | Dining Room

For the story of our chairs, click here.

For a how-to guide on creating our candlestick centerpiece, click here.

For an easy guide to creating amazing chalkboard art like the one above our media cabinet, click here.

To see the amazingly awful leopard print chandelier we removed from the dining room before the much nicer iron one replaced it, click here.



Pictures from when we initially viewed the home before purchasing it:

Pictures after we moved our stuff in and embarked on the longest project of my life, repainting cabinets (more on that here):

And then there’s our former mess of a pantry:

And the way more organized, functional pantry after our transformation:

Download these cute pantry labels here.

More information on how to build shelves that extend can be seen in our DIY guide here.


Here’s a sneak peek into a small portion of our study where we transformed the gun cabinet into a wine rack (more on that here).



And now for a shot of our desk.  Read about the refurbishing project of this desk here.


DO or DIY | Office

Pictures of the remainder of the space coming soon!

Master Bedroom

Pictures of the room when we initially viewed the house before purchasing (look at all that blue… including the ceiling!):

And here’s a progress shot where we decided to go dark tan (ugh, never again):

And the final transformation to greige walls, new neutral bedding with teal accents (for the full details click here and for the nightstand transformation click here).  Ahh, much better:

For details on our floating shelf art gallery, click here.

After shot of our bay window (for info on the curtains, click here, on the chair, click here, and on the chandelier, click here):

Guest Bedroom 1

We took the guest bedroom from the shocking red nursery the previous owners had painted it into a relaxing neutral-toned retreat with dark gray walls, white bedding, and teal accents.

Before shot:

DO or DIY | How to Make a Tufted Headboard


After shot:

DO or DIY | How to Make a Tufted Headboard

Oh, and created one of my favorite DIY projects to date- that big statement of a headboard.  Read instructions on how to create it here!

DO or DIY | How to Make a Tufted Headboard

Guest Bedroom 2 – coming soon

Master Bathroom 

Pictures of our hideous, nonfunctional bathroom before:


But, don’t despair.  Now we get to enjoy this beauty everyday!

Guest Bathroom 

Before (my eyesight is still trying to recover from the blinding mustard yellow color):

After (I’m obsessed with this teal color. Read more about the transformation here):

Powder Room

Before (ahh more yellow):

And after (see our detailed recollection of that renovation here):

Garage – coming soon

That’s where our tour ends!  And now for a stereotypical Texan ending: “Y’all come back y’hear!”


15 responses to “House Tour

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  2. Most lovely. May I request that you add a “big picture” shot of the master bedroom after. You have one of the before and I see there something that I really like. The bench/storage at the foot of the bed combines with the bay window and the furniture there and the rug with the dark, wide boarder and light interior to give a feel of separate spaces and and flow/step upward to the bed area. I like this about the before and would like to see how your changes change this in the after, but can’t tell with out the wide shot.

    I’m really interested in your blog for professional and personal reasons. Thank you for letting me pester you with questions.

    Handyman Bill

    • DO or DIY

      I guess this means I need to clean our room (and actually make the bed) so I can get this shot posted! 🙂 Give me a few days and I’ll have it up. Our master bedroom is still a work in progress so we don’t have all the pieces of furniture we want in it yet, hence the lack of a wide shot posted. As far as separating the bay window from the rest of the room, installing a chandelier helped us define the space. The type of bed frame we have isn’t conducive to having a bench at the end of the bed like the “before” picture but I have a few ideas for how to further fill the space, like bringing in a chest to put under the floating shelves and finding a long dresser that matches the nightstands to sit on the wall opposite of the bed.


  3. Also, I LOVE your kitchen. The moment I saw those pictures I bookmarked this post into my “Ideas For Bill’s Dream Home” folder. The brick cooking area is wonderful!

    • DO or DIY

      Thanks Handyman Bill! The brickwork in the kitchen was actually one of the main reasons we decided to put an offer on this house!


  4. I love the gray dining room walls and panneling!! What are the colors you used? Thank you.

    • DO or DIY

      Thanks Sandra! Glad you like it- I was definitely worried about how the dark walls would turn out but they look great against the pop of white on the lower half of the wall. The top of the walls are painted Behr’s Amazon Stone in Satin and the paneling on the lower half is painted Behr’s Nude in Eggshell.


  5. Love your site! I think your house is so similar to our house built in TX in 1977. We have the same laminate counter in our “wet bar” as was in yours with the gun cabinet-still have it. You have fabulous DIY ideas!

  6. Your house is looking amazing! It is my dream to one day buy my own house in need of a little love and do it up slowly but surely 🙂 So glad I found your Blog, I will definitely be checking back! Good luck with the remainder of the renovation! x

    • DO or DIY

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad we found another fan! It’s definitely been a long (very much ongoing) journey, but a fun one! Good luck with your own future house adventure! It’s addicting once you start!


  7. One of the most wonderful house tours I’ve seen.. enjoyed every room.. and the tufted guest bedroom bed – fantastic

  8. Kate

    Your home is simply gorgeous. You have taken rooms that I would’ve been terrified of and turned them into something amazing. So very jealous haha

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