Exciting News!


Knock Off Decor Feature

We’re so excited to announce that our barn door tutorial was featured on Knock Off Decor today!  Check out the full post on their site here.  To our readers who haven’t been to Knock Off Decor before, I’ll warn you now, you’re about to be sucked in to pages and pages of the most amazing DIY tutorials that show how to recreate pieces that look just like the high end versions from places like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn!  I’m seriously addicted to this site and have found tons of great ideas there.  And, spoiler alert!  They’ll be featuring our barn door hardware later this week.

To all our new readers who heard about us from Knock Off Decor, welcome!  We’re glad to have you stop by, hopefully gain some inspiration, and, above all, have a laugh at how ridiculous renovation life can truly be.

To jump to our original posts on both of those elements, see below for links.




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  1. Charlene


  2. This is great to know.. Thumbs up

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