Baby Makers


Once upon a time, Chris sold my beloved bedroom dresser out from under me.  This is the tale of his betrayal.


OK, I’ll be the first to admit it: Julie really does have an eye for design. She sees potential in things that most people would think is just junk (myself included) and I can honestly say she’s usually right. If only she had felt the same way about my classic Audi:


Anyway, I kind of started to think she was losing her touch when she said she had found a new candidate for our furniture projects:

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

I had learned to trust her assessment, but this was pushing it. Just looking at it was like warping back to 1981, but I decided to trust her anyway. So off we went.

When we arrived at the seller’s house, all I can really say it that it looked better in the pictures- and that’s saying a lot. This was just about the ugliest piece of furniture I’d ever seen in person, complete with freaky little lion’s head drawer pulls. I mean, what the…?

So once again I decided I should just trust Julie, and I forked over some cash. If nothing else, it was solid wood and was so heavy that the seller had to recruit her son to help me carry it, so I knew it was a quality piece… albeit ugly as sin. I should also mention that my truck was in the shop and I hadn’t measured the rental car they gave me, but it was just a rental, so we just started cramming it in there. If it fits, it ships, right?

Once we got it home, the real work began. We decided we would paint the body white but stain the top. I was feeling lazy and decided the stain job on the top was decent enough, so I just masked it off and started sanding everything else.

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

All those weird curves and corners really chewed up the sandpaper, plus there was enough furniture polish on the thing to make the surface frictional coefficient effectively zero.

Anyway, once we scraped off all the layers of polish, it was time for the primer. We typically use rattlecan primer because it’s easier to apply, but after this project I went out and bought a respirator mask because the fumes were making me sick.

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

I should also mention that we pulled all the hardware off and painted it “oil rubbed bronze.”

Finally, it was time to paint. We used to use rattlecans for everything which is decent enough for small jobs like nightstands or small tables, but we discovered that it’s really difficult to spray evenly across large surface areas. Eventually, we wised up and bought a paint sprayer on Craigslist- and it was the best $40 I ever spent. Now we just have Home Depot match a gallon of latex paint to whatever color we like and can spray multiple pieces to an exact match for a fraction of the cost, and without killing any brain cells.

Two coats later, I had a dresser:

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

Julie is also obsessed with drawer liner:

DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover

Depending on how often you creep on our pictures, you may or may not see that this is in our bedroom. Or was. While I’ll happily admit that the final product looked great, it still wasn’t something I was absolutely in love with. After debating it for a few months, Julie finally agreed to let it go for the right price. Low and behold, we eventually got a full price offer, and a young pregnant couple took it off our hands to use as a changing table, which was the first in a very long line of pregnant people we ended up selling furniture to, which was a really weird trend to end up in.

Oh, and Julie is still whining that I sold it.



DO or DIY | Dresser Makeover




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10 responses to “Baby Makers

  1. I love what you did with the top. Leaving it more natural really adds to the character of this piece.

    • DO or DIY

      Thanks Tyson. We love the contrast it offers as well!


      • Rachel

        Bought a dresser on craigslist just so I could re create this! Can you tell me what color you used over the primer?

      • DO or DIY

        Rachel, in spray paint form, we use Behr or Valspar white primer. In paint form (that we run through our paint sprayer), we use Kilz in white. Good luck with your project! Let us know how it turns out!


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  3. We actually ended up finding this exact piece and plan to do it similar. Was the top all wood for you? It looks like there is a piece of veneer on ours.


    • DO or DIY

      Good find! Our was solid wood on top. If yours is veneer, you may not be able to sand it down and restain it but often times, the veneer is just a sheet over a solid wood top so you could simply remove the veneer and go from there.


      • Mary

        Stumbled onto your blog and it just made me laugh. This bedroom “set” sits in our bedroom as we speak. Purchased in 1973, 5 pieces PLUS mattress & box spring for a cool $800. What a seal!! And as I said, still in use to this very day. After 47 years of marriage we have slept on it, cried laying on it, made babies (3) laying on it and other things :> . Would not give it up for any price to anyone (well, maybe one of the children, who would promptly do exactly what you have done). As you said, it is one sturdy piece of furniture and you will not find anything of this quality today. Having said all that….love what you did!!

  4. Mary

    OOPS…steal (not seal).

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