The Bathroom Saga: Part 2


And thus continues our epic journey into renovating our master bathroom.  If you missed the walk-thru of our outdated, non-functioning, mess of a bathroom, you can catch up on it here.

In short, we wanted to go from this:

To this:

And from this:


To pretty much anything else.

We had work to do!  First, we had to settle on our overall look.  We thought back to the most relaxing, serene place we’d been to and our honeymoon resort, Excellence Playa Mujeres (we highly recommend it!), immediately came to mind.  Join me in drooling over this little slice of paradise.

Nothing like a winding river and bed of hammocks overlooking the Caribbean.

And did we mention having a private, rooftop pool above our room?

And now for the bathroom.  We loved the rich, earthy tones and the glamour that the hint of bronze brought.  We also loved how large the bathroom felt with a frameless glass shower door and open concept.  We knew this should be the inspiration for our own master retreat.

We wanted to go for something a little lighter in tile color, bring some color to the walls (rather than beige), and go with brushed nickel (instead of bronze) but we’d keep the incorporation of the natural stone look and the openness of the layout.

We also needed something that would look great without breaking the bank so we scored some awesome deals at Floor and Decor and Seconds and Surplus.

Here’s what we ended up with:

Shower Tile: Antique White Porcelain Tile 13″ x 13″, Floor and Decor, $2.19/sq ft

Shower Accent Tile: Cappucino Beige Mosaic Marble Tile, Floor and Decor, $8.49/sq ft

Shower Accent Pencil Bullnose: Bottocino Marble Bullnose, Seconds and Surplus, $6.99 each

Shower Floor Tile: Cappucino Beige Mosaic Marble Tile, Floor and Decor, $12.99 each

Bathroom Floor Tile: Exotica Walnut Porcelain Tile, Floor and Decor, $3.79/sq ft

Granite for Sink Counter

Now it was time for the fun part- knocking down some walls!  It’s funny how swinging a hammer into a wall can bring out the inner-bulldozer in you.  Chris had to hold me back from taking out the rest of the walls in the house.  Apparently we needed those.

I don’t know if it’s because I was raised cheap or because I am cheap, but I can’t stand paying someone else to do something I can do myself. In the case of this bathroom, it was strictly a lack of equipment and time that led me to hire a professional. Naturally, though, I couldn’t give in entirely- I wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and I insisted on doing at least a few things myself. The most obvious to me was electrical.

Now, please don’t let me lead you to believe that electrical work is easy. You can get killed, burn your house down, or both. That said, I was going to need a hammer.

In the toilet/shower area, we had five switches (three lights, one fan, and one heat lamp), which means we had five circuits. I wanted two circuits: one for all the lights, one for the fan. This meant that in addition to installing new lights, I’d have to completely change the wiring for them as well. Since I’d be eliminating circuits, I’d also be eliminating switches, but here’s the kicker: all the switches were located on walls that would not exist in the new plan. So I was basically starting from scratch, starting from the power source all the way to the wall switch.

Here’s what the shower area looked like after I started ripping out wiring. Both of these walls were going to be completely torn down, so I relocated the switches to the wall adjacent to the closet.

The trick to electricity is to remember that it only flows one way through a circuit, so you have to be absolutely sure you’ve got your wiring put together in the proper order or you might get some interesting results when you flip the switch. If you don’t know the difference between a parallel circuit and a series circuit, your DIY wiring probably shouldn’t go beyond plugging something in.  Hire outside help!

Anyway, I removed the spaghetti-plate of wiring in the attic and replaced it with one clean, simple circuit for all the lights, and spliced in one more for the fan. Builders, if you’re reading this, note: bathroom lights don’t all need their own switches. With all the lighting done, the contractors could finally see to complete their work, which will be unveiled soon.  *Cue the suspense.



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  1. Jaclyn

    Can’t wait to see the final pictures!

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