CraigsList Crashes: Volume 2


It’s that time again!  Time to review all the weird stuff we stumble across on our never-ending CraigsList quest for hidden treasures!

I love the recent trend on CraigsList where people try to be sly about asking for free manual labor.

Example One.  Take this guy for example.  S/he obviously doesn’t want to mess with this GIANT cactus in his yard but instead of digging it out himself or hiring a yard crew to take care of it, he posts it on CraigsList as if a free cactus will win him the humanitarian of the year award.

Example Two. The owner who desperately needs to work on his/her descriptions.  “Fairly large” and “in good condition” aren’t exactly the words that come to mind when I take a look at the photos.  More like, “massive,” “leaning,” and “half dead.”

Example Three.  Free rocks!  Which sadly is exactly the thing I was searching for at the time… in our quest to build the best waterfall/fountain ever (we’re a long way off by the way).  Anyway, as desperate as this guy sounds, all I want to do is shoot him a note that says, “you know these are mostly pebbles, right?”  I may also add something along the lines of “P.S. invest in a ‘Grammar and Spelling for Dummies’ book.”

Example Four.  The beehive.  I’m pretty sure this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Here’s how I see this going down: a honey-crazed person comes to your house, chops down the beehive, gets stung a couple hundred times, sues for negligence, and boom… you’re suddenly wishing you had just chopped that thing down yourself… or just left it.  This guy’s too cheap for his own good.


I love perusing the “free” section of Craigslist because ever since eBay and “repurposing” became popular, something has to be exceptionally worthless to not have a buyer lurking out there somewhere. I mean, we even sold that nasty old faucet from our guest bathroom (more on that here). Below are some of my latest finds:

Sometimes I watch shows about hoarders and wonder where they even find all that junk. And then I read ads like this:

This guy is clearly in denial that his old TV needs to be put out of his misery. Look man, sometimes a piece of trash is just a piece of trash. Even if it looks like a TV. Besides, this is Texas- shouldn’t it read, “free target”?

A 50lb feed bag? Better save your $10… because you need therapy.

This one is the worst marketing ever. Free house? Please. You’ve got to make it exciting, or people won’t want it: “Free movie set! Film your action scene by driving a car through this house! Filming a horror movie? No problem! It’s already filled with gruesome murder weapons!”

Want more crazy?  Check out our CraigsList Crashes Volume 1 here.



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2 responses to “CraigsList Crashes: Volume 2

  1. Kathy

    As far as the bees go, if they are honeybees, lots of people that keep bees are always willing to get more bees. They have suits to protect them from the stings and are used to drawing out the bees. Normally if you need bees, you’re going to have to pay 100 or more for a hive with a queen. A free hive sounds good. I’m a beekeeper by the way.. 🙂

    • DO or DIY

      You learn something new everyday, Kathy! I didn’t know this. Thanks for bringing us up on our bee knowledge! Guess that post wasn’t as silly as we first thought! 🙂


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