Our Favorite Things: Coffered Ceilings and a Room with a View


My most recent drool-worthy item has become coffered ceilings.  If you aren’t familiar, coffered ceilings are a repeating pattern of sunken shapes, most commonly squares or rectangles.  It instantly dresses up any room and makes a big statement.  It only really works in a room with high ceilings, hence my dreams of adding them to our 12′ living room ceiling.  Hm, now I just need to convince Chris to take on the project.  That may take awhile.  In the meantime, check out these gorgeous inspiration pictures.

Source: Houzz, Dillard Design Group, LLC

Source: Houzz, Sullivan Conard Architects

Source: Pinterest

Source: Houzz, Crisp Architects

Source: Houzz, M Woodruff Design, LLC


I’m no stranger to irony. Like, I find it ironic that I can’t stand when people talk about “the lake” non-stop, but quite frankly I love lakes. I also love the ocean, but it’s dirty and full of jellyfish (I blame growing up near Galveston for that fear).

Anyway, I told Julie a long time ago that the house was basically hers, but there were three things I wouldn’t compromise on: the garage would always be mine, I will always have a project car, and we’ll eventually have a lake house. No, I don’t mean for vacation- I want to live on lakefront property full time. It’s hard to match the beauty of the waterfront, and you never know when you’ll need to escape from a hoard of zombies… and zombies can’t swim.


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