Craigslist Crashes: Volume 1


In all our days of perusing Craigslist for new things to redo, we’ve found some pretty weird posts.  Some so weird that we had no choice but to start a new segment detailing these gems.  So, enjoy!

Translation: Husband goes through mid-life crisis in the middle of fulfilling his wife’s grocery list at CostCo and needs to do something masculine.  He runs across a display for 24 Hour Fitness memberships on sale.  Bingo!  Wife finds out.  Wife says, “you better use it.”  Husband forgets about it.  Wife joyously sings I told you so for the next week and triumphantly lists it on CraigsList.  Husband gets out of CostCo shopping for the next year.  Tie game.

I’m really bummed I missed the original ad… and I’m sure crowds of other people were just as disappointed they missed out on free water and, most of all, toilet paper.  I’m just hoping it wasn’t used…

I have to hand it to Mike, he’s quite the capitalist.  Why not have your lawn trimmed and cleared for free in exchange for giving them what they cut?  Genius!

Oooh a secret mirror!  Only worth it if it tells you who is the fairest of them all.

This post makes me gag… not because of the picture but because of the thought that there may be an answer to “whatever dirty mattresses are used for.”

And now for the CraigsList Hall of Shame: the ugliest items listed on the site.

Further proof that Texans will put cow horns on anything (I’m so ashamed).

I don’t know what’s worse- the fact that they used the word “beautiful” or that they’re asking money for this.


When I’m bored, I like to look at Craigslist because it’s like the Internet’s version of a swap meet. You can find just about anything and if you know how to manipulate the search engine, there are some good deals to be had. Below, I’ve compiled a list of some real treasures, the kind of once-in-a-lifetime deals I live for.

I actually have to credit a co-worker for finding this one, but what a steal! If only I could describe the frustration of scouring the internet for a used computer, only to find out it had been on a boat or motorcycle! A computer that has been exposed to a maritime environment is an immediate deal-breaker for me.

Made fresh daily- it must be good! But seriously, what are “shavings”???

I tried to convince Julie that these would be perfect for our Dokken-themed office, but she said she didn’t like the Chiefs.

Seriously, though, this guy is my hero, and he deserves an award for being totally metal.

I feel like this is probably a ploy to get me into a sales pitch. Free ice? If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.


Did anyone else notice that it doesn’t necessarily say they’re unused?

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