An Iron-Clad Deal


I feel like a failure.  I went three whole years without knowing about the closest trade day/flea market to us.  Forget treks to Round Top or Canton, McKinney, TX is just 20 miles away from us (okay, kidding- you know I’ll still be frequenting those places despite the distance).

McKinney Trade Days occur on the weekends before the third Monday of the month.  It’s no where near the scale of Round Top or even Canton, but it has a nice selection considering it’s a short drive away from us.  I’m sure some would consider 400 vendors more than a “nice selection” but hey, my benchmark was set by the infamous Round Top.

We saw quite the array of goodies.

Iron items galore such as this Cinderella-carriage looking chandelier and patio decor.

It wouldn’t be America without school branding on every item imaginable, including bird houses.

Rooster yard art, anyone?  It’s just what your backyard needs.

One of the coolest things we saw was a variety of art made of license plates, like this map of the United States with each state depicted by an old license plate from that particular state.  I can’t imagine how long it would take to collect all these and create a map!

My eyes were of course drawn to this cute little nightstand for $45.  I didn’t find a mate for him so I sadly left him behind.  Maybe next time, little buddy.

And who could forget this gem?  Welcome to Texas, y’all.

In the end, I managed to convince Chris to let us walk away with an iron cross and outdoor iron lantern.

We finally added a little Texas to our cross wall (notice the star and horseshoe in the middle).  Not too shabby for $4.

Our cross wall is quickly growing!

The lantern was our big purchase.  I can’t wait to put a mosquito candle and light it one night!  I’m still not sure how I convinced Chris into this one… especially because the line, “think of how much money I saved you by getting this one for $37 instead of the $100-something one from Pottery Barn,” didn’t work.  But, seriously, what a deal!


I really don’t understand these “trader day” things. Somehow Julie has managed to trick me into going to three different ones, but I have yet to drag her to a swap meet. Oh, what adventures await!

Anyway, this time I lured a friend into going with me, promising to pay for parking and a beer. But there was no beer. NO BEER! I don’t know what these “trader” people think, but this is Texas… we’ll have a beer.

Regardless, we managed to give our wives the slip and found a handful of guy-friendly booths- Army surplus, license plate novelties, guitars- but still found ourselves buying corn dogs out of boredom. Of course, it wasn’t long before the girls found us and announced their purchases.

Julie apparently has a thing for iron, because everything she wanted was made of it. She somehow managed to talk me into buying what is effectively the world’s most overbuilt candleholder. She sold me on it with a grandiose vision of enjoying mosquito-free nights of sipping lemonade on our patio, but it wasn’t until I was apologizing to my friend for rust-staining his car’s interior that I remembered Julie doesn’t really go outside. Doh!

I’m not saying I won’t ever go to another one of these glorified swap meets, but I’ll be toting a cooler to the next one.



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2 responses to “An Iron-Clad Deal

  1. Aileen Johnson

    Love the cross and the lantern! One of these days we will have to meet up in Canton:)

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