Our Favorite Things: Keys and Speakers


So what have I been digging lately?  Keys.  I’m not talking about piano keys or car keys, here, people.  I’m talking keys used for home decor (deep breaths, Chris, not everything needs a practical use).

Wondering how you can incorporate my newest obsession into your house?  Here are a few examples.

CW from top left:

  • This key ring is just the thing for topping off a tablescape, maybe on top of a stack of books or the final element to a coffee table tray arrangement.  Style Me Pretty.
  • Turn any doorknob into a romantic moment with a little ribbon and an old key.  Idea from French Kissed.
  • The key necklace line from Tiffany and Co. makes any girl drool.
  • Group keys together for an interesting wall collage.  Purchase this set of 3 keys from HomeDecorators.com for $74.
  • A clever solution to using keys for framed wall art by Dream Home DIY.
  • For the techie in your life: a key shaped flash drive.  I guarantee you won’t lose this one with such an interesting shape (yes, I speak from experience). One option available at Houseable.com
  • Have a few old keys lying around?  Why not string them from trees in your backyard for instant interest. Idea from Shanon Manley.
  • Looking for a more modern, unique way to use keys in your house?  Check out these key wall decals in a plethora of color options from KathWren on Etsy.  Best part?  They’re only $24.99!
  • Use old frames, keys and hooks to add an interesting piece of art for any wall in the house.  Idea from The French Flea.
  • I love the idea of a key to happiness incorporated into the house.  And what girl can say no to a pretty pink ribbon?  The Alternative Wife.
  • Some may think this is key overload but I love this throw pillow made from gold key fabric and topped with canvas ribbon and a gold key emblem.  Available for purchase from Julieanna’s Creations on Etsy.
  • DesignSponge shows an easy, gorgeous DIY solution using small knick knacks and spray paint to form a key shaped collage. 
  • Another example of how to use several keys to create the perfect element for accessorizing a room.  Available at BHLDN for $18.

I didn’t waste any time finding ways to incorporate keys into our own house.  You can find old keys (or old looking keys) in a ton of places: art/craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Garden Ridge, flea markets, and online stores like eBay and Etsy.

Framed Key Print.

I found this awesome print of old keys from Winged Images on Etsy for a whopping $1.  She e-mailed the artwork over within a day.  I went to FedEx and bought a sheet of their “Antique” colored paper and printed it off at home.  One frame from Aaron’s Brothers later and I was in business.  Voilah!  Instant art.  The print is the perfect look for our newly remodeled master bathroom!  Etsy has a lot of great key prints- some offer artwork to print on your own (like I did) and some offer prints that they can mail you.

Ring of foot doom… err.. keys.

I found this ring of iron keys in a small shop in Cordoba, Spain for $15 (Haven’t heard of it?  Not surprised… it’s in the middle of nowhere).  They were heavy but I was determined to get them home.  It’s probably a lot of the reason my bag was 75 lbs.  So heavy, in fact, that my cab driver dropped my suitcase on my foot trying to lift it out of the car trunk.  Ever had 75 lbs land sharply on one point on your foot?  No?  Well, let me tell you the results.  Instant swollen foot.  Attractive purple bruise.  Fabulous footwear (in the form of a bulky boot) prescribed by doctor.  Three weeks hobbling around in boot.  Aka: So. Much. Fun.  Buuuttttt, it was worth it! 🙂  Look how great they look on my stack of books on the coffee table in our living room.

Collage art.

I found this bronze key at Hobby Lobby which perfectly completed my art collage in our living room.  I’ve been challenged with finding items to hang on the walls beyond printed pictures and mirrors.  A key is a nice change to the wall art pattern I was beginning to fall into.


As Julie pointed out, I typically shun anything that isn’t practical. One area that I believe deserves excess and extravagance, however, is music. Much to Julie’s dismay, I love loud music, and not just because I have the hearing of a retired explosives technician. I enjoy volume, but I demand clarity. To the untrained ear, anything better than AM radio is “sufficient,” but somehow I grew an extremely picky sense of hearing that rejects cheap speakers and pop music. There are only three brands of audio systems I’d ever allow in my house, and I’ve listed them in reverse order below:

3. Bose– say what you want (“No highs, no lows, just Bose”), Bose really does produce some of the most impressive audio equipment available, albeit a bit gimmicky at times. What’s unique about these systems is that the components are typically very small and easy to hide. http://www.bose.com

2. Bang & Olufsen– I first discovered B&O in England when I accidentally wandered into one of their retail shops, and I instantly knew I had stumbled upon a quality product. These homes theater systems typically come in very contemporary, almost futuristic designs, but they’re Danish… so what do you expect? http://www.bang-olufsen.com

1. Burmester– There is absolutely no better sound system than those made by German manufacturer Burmester. Each home theater system must pass over 300 quantitative tests before being submitted for subjective evaluation by trained professionals in sound quality. It’s so high-end, in fact, that Porsche now offers Burmester sound in the Panamera and Cayenne. There is one drawback, though- a fully-loaded home theater setup will cost you a cool $60,000. http://www.burmester.de


And Chris says I have expensive taste??



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  1. What a fabulous post! Thanks so much for stopping by and for letting me know that you posted the key. I just love this post 🙂

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