Round Top Part 2: The Loot


Chris thinks my Round Top trip was very successful. I, however, am a little on the fence. I got some really awesome things but I thought I’d come away with more meaning I didn’t spend as much as I thought meaning Chris is one happy husband.
So let me show you the goods already!
Deep into day one, I hadn’t yet made a purchase. I had seen a few things but wanted to be conservative and not spend it all in the first place. I was anxious to start filling up my car when my mom stumbled upon this wooden hanging basket. I was still pondering what I would do with it (use it outside to hang pots from or maybe use it inside to store firewood by the fireplace) when my mom showed me the price tag. $10!! I snatched that puppy up faster than you could say “killer deal” and headed to the register. But, wait, it gets better. Upon trying to negotiate a package deal with another item, the booth owner stopped me and said those three magic words, “it’s half off.” “Um, excuse me? You mean it’s $10, half off of $20?” I replied. “No, it’s half off of $10. It’s $5,” she informed me. Four seconds and five dollars later, I was the proud owner of a wooden basket hanging thing-a-ma-bob and proud of it. We’ll see where it ends up in the house. Have an idea for a cool use for this? I’d love to hear it!

I found these numbers at the first place we stopped by and passed them up since I couldn’t figure out where to put them and everyone knows my house doesn’t need another set of characters on display (I currently have 5 letters distributed throughout the house for decoration). On day two, it hit me. These would be the perfect thing for the collage I was building in our bedroom of a sunburst mirror and framed engagement picture. The rusty silver patina would be the perfect finish to tie in the bronze and iron tones we currently have in the room. So my mom and I headed back to grab two numbers: a 2 and a 4. While I’d love to tell you that 24 means something significant, and I could stretch it to make it make sense, the real reason is because these numbers would hang from nails as is, no drilled holes needed. Chris was so proud of my pragmatic decision on this one! Oh, and they only set me back $5 each.

Another reason for the pragmatic number decision was to help balance out how impulsive of a buy this chandelier was. I saw it hanging in a booth and knew it was the solution to our entry way light problem (more on that later, but let me put it this way for now: we’re on our third entry way light and we’re still not satisfied so we’re currently looking for candidate number four). It’s structure would match our dining room chandelier, which can also be seen from the entry way, meaning we need to tie the two lights together. The light also had a ton of character and was the perfect rusty finish giving it an informal, fun feel. Sounds perfect, right? Wrong. The light wasn’t set up for electrical. Good thing I have a crafty husband! The price tag of $28, which I talked down to $20, further convinced me that I should just buy it and figure out the logistics later. If Chris can’t hook it up, we can always put candles in it and use it outside in our future deck/pergola plans. But, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Chris can figure this out because this guy is a beaut!!


And look at this table! Swoon worthy. I was a fan of this table the minute I laid eyes on it, desperately thinking of a room it could call home. I delayed purchasing because of the fact that this 8 ft monster wouldn’t fit in my little sedan. Sad day. But it worked out because the mission style table wouldn’t have fit in with our current living room styling. It was for the better… or that’s what I keep telling myself to help get over the loss.

After cleaning the dust from our shoes, packing up, and grabbing a last lunch in the town of Brenham, my mom and I walked by this cute antique store with a variety of mismatched chairs on the sidewalk. I saw this one chair, paint peeling, cushion missing, all alone and knew it had my name written all over it. It was listed for $29 but I managed to scoop it up for $25. It will be the perfect addition to our mismatched chair set at the kitchen table. I’m trying to decide what color I want to paint it and what fabric to use for the cushion. I’m also researching how to create a seat cushion from scratch so stay tuned for the fun that ensues with that…


All in all, it was a pretty successful trip. I picked up some great items and only spent $60! My mom found some nice pieces too, including a hand carved small side table from the late 1800s and a giant “O” to hang from a tree on their country property. You know how much I love letters so I’m a big fan. Until next year, Round Top.

If you haven’t seen my breakdown of this year’s Round Top trends, read about them here!


What is all this stuff?

But wait, there’s more!  Check out our post about the trends of the Fall 2011 Round Top show here and/or find our complete survivor’s guide to staying and shopping in Round Top here.



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8 responses to “Round Top Part 2: The Loot

  1. Erica

    haha, love the stuff, julie, but I love chris’s response even more!

  2. Deborah Gremillion

    oh man i am loving your blog! his & hers!

    as for the hanging thingy-ma-bob, how about using it for a stack of rolled up hand towels or bar mops? just some alternative ideas!

    keep blogging, sister & brother!

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