The Magic of Round Top: Part One


Now that my feet have rested up and my wallet has cooled off a little, I figured I’d sit down and rehash a trip with my mom to Round Top.  For those of you that haven’t heard of Round Top, let me put it this way.  Round Top is…

– The biggest little town in Texas

– The home of the largest antiques show in Texas and one of the largest in the nation

– The latest shopping victim conquest of my mom and I

Don’t let the population of 77 fool you.  This festival has its pulse on the new trends of interior design even though it’s smack-dab in the middle of no where.  So what was hot this year?  Well, take a look.

  • Roman numeral glass jars.  My favorite ones were from Spain and had the city of import printed on the neck of the bottle.  Of course I favored the Barcelona one.  I’m not sure what the meaning behind the roman numerals is but it’s definitely a cool look.  Some jars were even paired with a wicker basket, but it covered up the roman numerals so I liked them by themselves more.  One booth used them as a dining room table-scape.  I thought it was a great idea and has inspired me to recreate this on our dining room table.  Stay tuned for that project.

  • Hands, hands and more hands!  And the award to the creepiest Round Top commonality goes tooooo… the raised hands!  Seriously, I saw these everywhere.  Skinny fingers, fat fingers, short wrists, long wrists.  Yes, there was some major Dr. Seuss-ness going on with these.  Not surprising, but I refrained from purchasing one of these little guys even with their “pick me” attitudes.
  • Junk Design. For all my fellow Picker Sisters fans, you know what I’m talking about.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s the latest trend in furniture: turning junk into functional home furnishings.  I saw quite the array of junk turned design, from chain link lamps to rooster yard art made from lawn tools to pendant lights made from attic vents to benches made from blinds.



  • Subway Inspired.  I saw one booth where the artist turned subway stops into everything from art to chair upholstery to pillows.  A really cool idea especially for the more modern spaces.
  • Unique Lights.  Designers are turning anything and everything into usable lights.  I saw pendants made of stars, clear/industrial sconces, and wire form pendants.


  • And now for the weirdest things I stumbled upon in Round Top: a hot air balloon basket (but no balloon in site), a plain looking blue mannequin, and the saddest/weirdest site of all- the place furniture goes to die.  I just wanted to rescue all the forlorn looking pieces but, sadly, it wasn’t possible.  Maybe next year.
Now, I bet you’re wondering about all the loot I scored.  Patience, young grasshopper.  I’ll divulge all next time!His.

I went to Round Top last year and let me tell you, this year was infinitely better. Why, you ask? Because while Julie and her mom were partaking in a ritualistic pilgrimage to a town that otherwise wouldn’t exist for what is effectively second-hand dumpster-diving, I stayed home and went mountain biking.

While Julie was meandering through “repurposed” (see: lipstick on a pig) junk to find the latest lamp made of… whatever, I was carving through the woods at unflagging speeds, narrowly dodging large trees and small animals. As she picked through piles of what was once (and should still be) discarded lawn equipment, I was hopping over exposed tree roots and sailing through downhill sections with ease. You see, Julie’s main hobby has always been shopping, mine has always been doing really dangerous things on bicycles (sorry, Mom).

My point here is that all in all, this trip was a phenomenal success; Julie spent very little money on whatever it was that she bought, and I didn’t have to go. I suffered through Round Top last year and almost died at Canton this year (I literally almost died in a medical way… not to be confused with the “Oh my God that flower pot was so cute I almost died!” context you typically hear about in Canton), so I’ve earned my Patient Husband Merit Badge and can now move on. I wish I could explain to you just how much I hate these things, but the English language doesn’t have words to properly express it.

So if you see me at an antiques show in the future, call the coroner… because someone has dragged my dead body there.

Want more Round Top?  You’re in luck!  Check out our post on all the loot we scored here and/or check out our guide to surviving and scoring big in Round Top here.



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