Pillow Fight


There’s nothing sadder than a barren couch.  What’s a barren couch you may ask?  A barren couch is one without throw pillows.  And not just any throw pillows, fun coordinating pillows but NOT in the same fabric as the couch.  I can hear Chris scoffing in the background as he reads this over my shoulder.  But it’s true and it’s quite the challenging task.

Our couch is just the right length for 4 throw pillows- 2 large and 2 small, meaning we need two types of fabric, one for the larger pillow and one for the smaller pillow which will be placed in front.  Enough with the scoffing, Chris!

I know you want in on the fun so I’ve listed eight choices below.  Let me know which coordinating fabrics you think would work best.  Keep in mind the following:

Wall Color: light blue

Accent Chair Color: tan and dark blue

Couch Color: Tan

Furniture Color: Black

Rug Color: Tans, Blues, Reds


All I know is I’m tired of moving pillows every time I want to sit down.

Ready, set, vote!  And please comment below if you want to suggest a different combo or even a different fabric.  We’d love to hear it!



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3 responses to “Pillow Fight

  1. GaGa & Pop

    Beautiful fabrics. Who is going to make the pillows!!!

  2. Reese

    Oh! I like this idea. I usually drag friends,neighbors,and the UPS man inside and make them give and opinion. I like them all! No help! Sorry!!!

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