Our Favorite Things: What a Tool!


We’re going a little geeky on you today by presenting our favorite new “gadgets” we’ve discovered upon renovating our house.  It seems there’s a technological solution to everything nowadays!  Makes you wonder what they’ll come up with next!

  1. Custom Fabric.  I’m on a fabric kick right now because I’m about to make curtains for our bedroom and a few throw pillows for our living room so I constantly have fabric on the mind.  I stumbled upon this site, Spoonflower, where you can create your own design and they will print it on fabric for you.  The fabric’s a little pricey ($18-32 per yard) but what a cool way to put your unique mark on a room!  Once I find the right use (and can justify that price per yard), I’m definitely hitting up this site!  So many ideas, so much fabric!
  2. Mood Board: This isn’t a surprise to all of you who know me, but I’m a huge organization freak.  Everything must be in its place or I can’t focus.  The same goes for when I start on a new room.  I like to see it laid out before I get to work or I just feel overwhelmed.  Well, fear not.  There’s a solution and for all of you fellow HGTV freaks, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  A mood board.  A mood board allows you to layout the general feeling and style of a room and highlight certain pieces you want to add.  If you’re not a Photoshop or Scrapbooking-pro, you may be at a loss of how to assemble one of these.  Well, have I got the best site for you!  Olioboard allows you to create an online mood board in a drop-and-go format.  It’s easy, quick, and the end product always looks clean and professional.
Speaking of mood boards, I’ll leave you with a little treat.  See below for the mood board I created for our master bedroom makeover.  We just started on the room but we’ll share pictures of the finished product in the weeks to come!
  1. Miter Saw: My dad taught me how to use a lot of really dangerous tools when I was fairly young, the most invaluable of which being the saw. He also taught me how to use a miter box, and I quickly learned how worthless they are, which brings me to one of my favorite tools: the miter saw. My first experience with a miter saw was pretty magical, and I was hooked. When we bought a house that we knew would need work, I immediately ran out and bought my own. The idea that you could get such a clean, precise, and perfectly angled cut with so little effort instantly sold me, and the sound they make lets you know you’re dealing with something really manly. Just be sure to count all your fingers when you’re done.  Here’s one I would recommend from Home Depot.
  2. Cordless Tools: These days, everything is wireless, including power tools. If you’ve ever tripped over your own power cord, you know how stupid you feel, and battery-powered tools have eliminated at least one way to look like you don’t know what you’re doing. What’s more is that technological advances have allowed for higher-power, longer-life batteries, so you’re not recharging your whole tool cabinet every time you need to pilot a new hole. While they’re still no match for the 120v variety (I could bolt my hammer drill to the floor and spin the house around if I wanted to), the latest cordless tools can really simplify a DIYer’s life.  Check out this cordless drill at Amazon.

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