The Bold and the Very Beautiful


Chris didn’t bring much along with him once we got married.  There was a guitar, an entertainment center, a lot of dirty laundry, and his great grandparents chairs.  The list sounds like a version of “Which of these things is not like the other.”  When Chris’ mom told me the chairs were ours but needed a lot of TLC, I wasn’t sure what to think but I knew that I loved the idea of the chairs being passed down three generations.  The chair made its big journey from Tennessee to Houston then Houston to Dallas.  The chair didn’t look so bad… until I saw the big stain on the seat cushion.  We needed to find an upholsterer.  Fast.  The chair had great lines and is hands down the most comfortable chair in the world (Chris and I are in accordance on that one).  It just needed a little help (in the form of an awesome fabric print) to bring it back to the glory days.

After browsing hundreds of fabrics, going back-and-forth between samples, and finally getting the much-needed stamp of approval from my mom, I purchased a bold blue fabric called Lisbon Linen from Calico Corners.  And by bold, I mean very bold.  Our living room needed a punch of color but I wasn’t sure if I had gone too far.

Waiting a whole week to get the chair back killed me.  And then I was faced with the debate of the century.  The upholster called to say the chair was ready one afternoon.  They could deliver that day but no later than 5:30 pm.  I couldn’t get home that fast meaning if we wanted the chair that day, Chris would have to accept it.  So… do I wait and have the chair delivered on another day when I’m home or do I have Chris accept the chair thus seeing it first?  I didn’t really have much of a reason to be there when it was dropped off so I told them to go ahead and deliver it.  As I made the journey home, I called Chris to ask his thoughts on our newly recovered chair.  His response?  “I dunno… it looks different but it’s still the most comfortable chair in the world.”  Well, thank you, Captain Obvious.  Seriously.  I soon arrived home, took a look at the chair, and immediately swooned.  The fabric was perfect and the chair is now the lovely accent it was meant to be.


This is the most comfortable chair in the world. With a bottom slope of 17* and a back arc length of 24″ coming together at a base angle of 98*, it’s made to hold you up in an excellent TV watching position with absolutely no effort on your part. I don’t really like to recline but I do like to lean back a bit, so I find it ideal. It’s also quite supportive, so it’s not a workout to get out of.

This chair originally belonged to my great-grandfather and was, admittedly, in rough shape when we first got it. It was some sort of white that had a good 50+ years of wear on it, nevermind the weird stain (I assume it’s either tea or moonshine, or possibly both). When Julie suggested we recover it with a “loud blue pattern,” I was somewhat apprehensive. When the upholsterer (who looks exactly like Kahn from King of the Hill) dropped it off, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the stain gone, but it looked like something you’d find in one of those trendy high-end furniture stores that I have to keep my hands behind my back in.

Most importantly, it’s still the most comfortable chair in the world.


One last note, for those of you wondering how precise those angle measurements are that Chris provided above, let me say this:  I walked into the room to find him, measuring tape in-hand, calculating the exact angle of the chair’s slope.  Enough said.

I’d like to say that we spend a ton of time lounging in our fabulous chair… but unfortunately, someone else usually beats us to it.  Meet Chloe, our cat.



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6 responses to “The Bold and the Very Beautiful

  1. Reese

    I am so happy that our grandfather’s chair has such a special new home. Every time he walked into his house,always unlocked, we’d find him asleep in that chair. He’d wake up a few minutes later a bit surprised. I’m sure he’s happy that you love his chair!

  2. DO or DIY

    I hope he doesn’t mind the feminine flair it’s now taken on. Boy, did he pick out a comfy chair though! No wonder he was always asleep!

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  5. Teddi

    I live in the Dallas area and am desperately seeking someone to upholster two chairs at a hopefully reasonable price. Can you share who you used for these chairs?

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