So, it’s finally been settled.  A brand new spankin’ name for the blog.  Chris apparently had had enough of my feminine (but oh-so-cute) name for our blog.  To be fair, Chris originally didn’t want any part of this blog so I wasn’t really thinking “gender neutral” when I came up with Cotton and Cream.  I was thinking- what’s short, catchy, and describes my design aesthetic?

So, without any further ado, we are proud to announce the new blog name… *drum roll please* Do or DIY.

After weeks of debate and a long list of contenders, Chris’ frontrunner was chosen.  There were some less than stellar recommendations such as Web Design, DIY the Heck Not, and  n/o design (our middle initials) but in the end Do or DIY won out.  It also helped that I had talked Chris into spending the afternoon in the attic wiring up a new chandelier in our bedroom so I was feeling a little generous.  But, hey, it works.




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