A Few of our Favorite Things…

I’d like to introduce a new section to our blog called “Our Favorite Things” in which we list some of the items we’re currently lusting over.    The list is constantly changing but here’s what top-of-mind for us at the moment.


Sunburst mirrors.

Every time I see one of these mirrors in a store, I feel like a kid in a candy shop.  I am officially obsessed. Bronze, copper, pewter, wrought-iron- no matter the finish, I want them all.  It’s the perfect combination of art and function.  Not to mention that as a summer baby, I love the reference to my cheery friend, the sun.  These mirrors are ideal for entryways, fireplace mantles, and give any dresser that extra “oomph.”  You can also use smaller, rounded versions for a display plate or tray.  I placed one on our entryway table and filled it with candles.  I love how they reflect the candle’s light when lit.  See below for a few of my favorite sunburst mirrors out there, on both ends of the price spectrum.

1. Seventh Avenue, $65.99   2. Amazon.com, $394.00

3. Pier 1 Imports, $199.95   4. Crate and Barrel, $199.00

5. Crate and Barrel, $199.00   6. Horchow, $495.90   7. Country Door, $59.99

8. Wisteria, $79.00   9. Ballard Designs, $269.00


Ceiling fans- the unsung hero of every room. Now, if you think it’s odd for someone to imply that a ceiling fan should be in every room, well, clearly you haven’t spent enough time in Texas. Summer is an eight-month season here, and ceiling fans aren’t a commodity, they’re a necessity. When Julie asked me what I was looking for in an apartment, I just said, “fans.” I think 75* is scorching, so I find fans to be invaluable- they’re relatively easy to install, dirt cheap to operate, and ultra-efficient because they cool you, not the room.

When I first moved to Texas, there were basically two types of fans: indoor and outdoor (except the airplane fan I had- if you can name anything cooler than that, I’ll give you $10). When Julie and I bought what seemed to be the last house in Texas that didn’t have ceiling fans and therefore had to install them, I realized that there are literally hundreds of choices, and that a fan is as much a piece of furniture as the coffee table. You can choose from dozens of shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, etc. I also discovered that installing a fan on a vaulted ceiling where there was once nothing (i.e. no circuit or ceiling box) is a job-and-a-half.

As you can see, fans are now available in a variety of styles, including the absurd.

1. Home Depot, Hampton Bay, $309   2. Home Depot, Hampton Bay, $69.97

3. Lamps Plus, Hunter, $319.91   4. Home Depot, Hampton Bay, $99.97

5. Amazon.com, Fanimation, $691.95  

6. Lighting Universe, Fanimation, $1153.95   7. Lowe’s, Harbor Breeze, $98.94

8. Lowe’s, Harbor Breeze, $84.00   9. Home Depot, Hunter, $179.00


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