And So It Begins…


Once upon a time (May 2010 to be exact), my high-school sweetheart and husband of 1.5 years, Chris, and I embarked on a magical journey into the world of home ownership.  To be clear, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  From the numerous plumbing fiascos (which always seem to occur when family is visiting from out of town) to the pencil-sized hole in our living room ceiling from Chris missing a plank in the attic, the experience has been… well, interesting, to say the least.

Having bought a house built in the 1970s, we soon found that much of the house was still trapped in that era of disco balls, bellbottoms, and the burnt-orange Nova that Chris had to drive in high school (have I mentioned that it had puke green carpet as well?).  Yes, we were in for quite an adventure.

This blog follows us as we make our way through the house, room-by-room (well, as much as I can without excitedly jumping ahead to the next project), learning as we go (yikes!).  Follow our blunders, discoveries, Chris’ patience for my wild ideas, and our growing love of home renovation and design. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do!


Let me start by saying that I grew up helping my dad around the house. This wasn’t really a bonding experience; it was mostly that I was the only other one in the house that knew the difference between a crescent wrench and a wood rasp. Anyway, in helping dear old dad I apparently learned a thing or two about home renovation, repair, carpentry, and swearing.

Somehow my wife picked up on my handiness (but has yet to accept the swearing) and I’ve been sentenced to a life of catering to every design whim she’s had- including painting almost every roomtwice. After 12 months of painting, wiring, mitering, a few dozen electrocutions, countless hammered fingers, and more trips to Home Depot than I care to admit, we decided to document all the adventures, mishaps, and odd doings of previous owners that homeownership has to offer. So whether it’s the finer points of painting the trim or busting out the smoke wrench (that’s a torch) on plumbing lines, you can revel in the fact that it’s our problem, not yours.


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